Travel back to Rito Village

December 9, 2019


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Recital at Warbler’s Nest is among the few Flow of air of the Crazy shrine missions to have a precondition: You must eliminate Divine Beast Vah Medoh before you can commence. There are several strategies within the goal, most of that are about locating little Rito girls. Check out the set above to find the exact spots and what each sis looks like. Initially, speak to Lorena, who’s chilling out near Akh Va’quot shrine. She’ll notify the story and provide you the journey. In short, you should find several of her sisters, most of whom happen to be in the vicinity of Rito Village. Each will give you a substance, and then you should utilize them to prepare salmon meuniere and give this to the last sister. The best way to get there is always to fast go the Vah Medoh Keen Beast and glide above, where you might spot a pedestal and five gravel surrounding that on an expanded cliff. Talk with Kheel right now there to start the breath of the wild recital at warbler’s nest. Travel back to Rito Village and chat to Micaela again in the Shrine, finish the sidequest giving you 70 Rupees being a reward and explaining how to proceed next inside the Shrine venture; the siblings have gone to look for ingredients to find salmon meuniere, so you should toss in that help cook. Converse with her to obtain some Goat Butter. You can also learn in which the other siblings are. Knotts is set upon a ledge substantial above the Armour shop. Lady gives you a few Tabantha Whole wheat. Notts is situated at the fish-pond just outside Rito Hamlet. She provides you with a Vigorous Salmon. Return to Genli and make a Trout Meuniére on her behalf. Give her the food, and she’ll eat it. Right now content, lady flies to Warbler’s Nest.