New Upcoming Metroidvania Platformer Airhead

April 28, 2020


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Airhead is once the title that released its trailer on March 31. Developed by a new developer Octato, and published by HandyGames who got their hands on titles since Sine Mora EX and Rad Rodgers. Airhead is currently scheduled for release in 2021; a bold move that suggests society will not collapse long before that. Before we know it all, we will have to wait for this unholy amount of time, watch the trailer and see if it echoes. New Upcoming Metroidvania Platformer Airhead Is Announced With Pleasant Vibes

The aesthetics and the audio are way beyond what we see other titles coming out, although it should be noted that this is just a trailer. Although HandyGames has stated on the YouTube page that Airhead is a Metroidvania, it does not appear to be in the line of Bloodstained or Guacamelee, focusing instead on immersive puzzles which you will need to use your “ head ” to overcome (see what I did there).

The gameplay focuses on a headless body and an alien head shape that you will easily mount on your shoulders (because you clearly need it); the separation of the head and the body becomes a tangible mechanism that seems to be repeated often throughout the gameplay. Filling the air head and increasing the amount of air you can insert into it seems to be the main function that the protagonist will use throughout his journey in a strange alien world.