Camila Cabello Confesses That Dating Shawn

March 24, 2020


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Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes are one of the most enviable and loving couples in the music industry, but it seems that everything is not perfect for them either! The singer admitted that going out with a Canadian heart can be tiring and also explained why.

In a new interview, the Havana star was candid about the lesser-known aspects of her romance with Shawn. Camila Cabello Confesses That Dating Shawn Mendes Can Be ‘Exhausting’ – Here’s Why!

That said, Camila confessed that at this point in their lives, their love can be a lot.

At the end of the day, however, Camila assured her fans that they are sailing the best they can.

While chatting with Jimmy Hill at the Global Awards 2020 in London, she was asked about her plans and those of Shawn to make more music together after Senorita’s huge success.

“ I want more, we want more but honestly, we’re in our twenties, ” replied the 23-year-old singer.

Hill then asked if they were just too busy to make more music together, which prompted Camila to say, “No, not like that. Just like being exhausted by love, it takes you away. We can’t even go to the studio, we can’t, yes. We are trying to calm down!

Too busy with other means? the interviewer joked suggestively.

Camila understood the joke and laughed but said, “No, no. I meant emotionally! Dang it. ”

The topic of discussion then moved to the new shawls on Shawn’s face that he presented at his birthday party earlier this month.