Brown’s Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Might

March 24, 2020


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a could be too much information. Ammika Harris and Chris Brown recently welcomed an adorable little boy named Aeko Catori.

The child was born on November 20, 2019; and Ammika recently went to social media, where she shared a photo of where it was designed.

The model posted a photo of a superb hotel room in Paris, France; and used the following legend that drove his fans crazy. She wrote: “Paris 2019”.

One person who understood the clue said, “When did you get pregnant? Probably a fantastic trip. By looking at your message, put me at ease. They are simple

Meanwhile, Ammika and Chris are co-parenting miles apart – he’s in California while she lives in Germany. Chris Brown’s Baby Mama, Ammika Harris, Might Just Have Shared A Photo Of Where Their Son, Aeko, Was Conceived — Is This TMI?

A source said of the situation: “Ammika is not currently living with Chris at the moment, and she is still in Germany at this stage with Aeko. It is not known when she will return to the United States, but she is in constant communication with Chris. Ammika is still talking to Chris on FaceTime with Aeko, texting, sending photos and video
insider added to Hollywood Life: “Chris loves them both so much, and they are everything to him. He knows they are doing well in Germany and also has a lot of support from Ammika’s family there. Chris is constantly receiving updates on how they are going and he likes to see how his son is growing up. Chris knows what an amazing mom, Ammika, is, and he is completely convinced that she takes care of Aeko during their stay in Germany. The person added: photo for Fashion Nova in Germany, and Chris just finished his tour, so he’s taking advantage of downtime, but he’s still working on something behind the scenes. Ammika loves Chris’s mom and they have a great relationship. They also often catch up so Ammika can keep Chris’ mom up to date on everything about Aeko. “