Battlefront II Rise Of Skywalker Update Has Been Added To The Game

January 8, 2020


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The Internet is constantly talking about Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. This addition to the film franchise ends this trilogy straight away and sums up some of the loose ends of Rey and Kylo Ren’s story. This final chapter brings the heroes to new places and fights new soldiers. Some of these new tradition additions have been added to Star Wars Battlefront II.

Many fans remember the initially troubled launch that the gaming experience had. The internet went crazy with discussions about microtransactions, the heroes were locked up behind payment walls, and the game just didn’t live up to expectations on the multiplayer side. It’s been a long journey from launch to date, but it was worth it. The game finally begins to feel complete after going through the nine major movies.

While the new content update is not as large and expansive as the content in Clone Wars, the new patch brings something special to the world. Battlefront II Rise Of Skywalker Update Has Been Added To The Game, Check Out The Launch Trailer With Tons Of Exciting Changes It brings the last bit of information necessary for the new Sequel trilogy to be permanently added to the world of Battlefront II.

When Battlefront II was launched, there was not much going on in the next generation of Star Wars in the game. There were references and a mini campaign dedicated to the First Order, but the game sounded like just redefine old maps. This new content update brings special units and a new location that will bring the Resistance and First Order factions to life in Battlefront II.

The new menu is the tropical and dense Ajan Kloss. Players will find themselves at home in the wrapped foliage after crossing the forest of Endo and the outskirts of Takodana. Ajan Kloss is built around this fight in the middle of the forest which begins wide and open and ends up shrinking inside a resistance base.