12 Games Are Being Celebrated By Steam As

January 8, 2020


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Steam gave a little love to the games that performed too well in specific categories in 2019. They compiled several lists of great players from 2019, including the best-selling games and the most played games. There is also a list of the best Steam controller games of 2019 that reviews all of the PC games distributed on Steam that require a controller to play.

To put together the games on this list, Steam considered the maximum number of simultaneous players for a controller game. They divided the games in terms of genres, “Sports and Driving Games”, “Action / Adventure Games”, “RPG / MMO Games”, “Platform Games”, “Soul Games and of souls “,” Fighting Games, ‘and’ Beat ‘Em Up Games. 12 Games Are Being Celebrated By Steam As The Top Controllers Games Of 2019 ‘ Steam also determined the top 12 games that are “ the most played with controllers. ”

Grand Theft Auto V has practically been on every Steam 2019 list, which really testifies to the perfect balance between Rockstar Games and an open world game and its replayability. STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order turned out to be a fantastic episode for the game franchise, with its release in late 2019 and still on this list. Resident Evil 2 has been remastered and was one of the best PC games of the year. He even won a gold joystick for “The Ultimate Game of the Year”. Rocket League has an irreducible fan base that can’t get enough football for vehicles, and MONSTER HUNTER: WORLD has captured the imagination of players around the world.